Devblog. All about Vagabundo 🚀

📈 better analytics with /analytics command and a weekly report

12:01 PM

👫 proper group chat support

4:52 PM

⏰ change the date of a post via telegram
💣 delete any post right in telegram

9:22 PM

✉️ added email newsletters for every blog

9:59 PM

🚨 add new notification for every successful post

2:28 AM

🗓 improve date links

2:27 AM

🗓 improve date navigation

12:36 PM

💅 added markdown support for all text posts

12:35 PM
12:40 PM
Image Upload
12:40 PM
Text Post
12:40 PM

Vagabundo Community Group Chat
Because a lot of you asked for it. Here it is:
Everyone is welcome to join the community and shape the future of Vagabundo.

🔗 I also tweaked the rendering of posted links.

12:07 PM

Basic Web Editor 📝
It is now possible to publish new articles directly from the browser.
Note that you must be logged in to create a new post.
Currently only text and image posts are supported. Video and voice will follow.

11:30 PM

E-Mail-Login 📧
It is now possible to register with your e-mail address.
If you already have a Vagabundo account, you can add your email address using the /setemail command.

11:30 PM

Reactions ♥️🔥👏😢😮😂
It is now possible to react to posts (images and videos). Please notice, that you have to be logged in to react to a post. Once you reacted to a post the blog owner gets a notification with your reaction. Just try it out. It's fun.

Privacy Settings 🔐
You can now choose between 2 privacy modes. Private 🔐 and Public 🌍. In Private 🔐-Mode everyone who wants to follow your blog has to request access. After you grant them access they will get a notification and can view your blog. (Your current followers will keep access to your blog)
Please notice that Public 🌍 is the default setting when creating a new blog.
Learn more by using the /setblogprivacy command.

12:20 PM
12:19 PM
Vagabundo Reactions in Action
2:44 PM
10:27 PM
Letting our community decide about the future of Vagabundo
10:56 AM
Login Process

🔐 added the possibility to login on every blog.
📱 it's easier to follow blogs

8:24 PM

🛰 added support for locations. send your current location and it will be shown in a world map.

5:37 PM
  • notify blog owners about new subscriptions
  • show subsriber count when using /help
9:54 PM
6:49 PM
How to subscribe to a Blog

📱 i’ts now possible to subscribe to a blog. A subscription means, that you will get push notifications when there are new blog posts available

6:42 PM
8:55 PM
New Video Components
8:52 PM
Athena (Dark)

🚑 added a new help page under
📼 improved the display and autoplay of videos. (should now work on all devices)
🔎 added a navigation when using Athena-Theme
💅 added Athena (Dark) as a new theme.
🚀 all kinds of media (images, video, voice messages, etc.) gets now loaded much faster
🔓 with /deletepassword it's now possible to delete your blogs password
🌅 added a nice gallery to view all photos on desktop
📱 your blog can now be saved as a web app under iOS. (try it. it uses your defined blog picture as icon)

8:49 PM
  • add Source Code Theme
  • Improve Telegram Commands
  • add Password Protection
3:13 PM

add Athena Theme

11:30 AM
  • Improved Themes
  • Improved Media Previews
  • Theme-Picker Overhaul
  • Add Theme Setting
11:15 PM